Yes, it is just a basic story which was taught to us in our childhood time, the story about how a small ant with proper planning and strategic thinking ability to fight with such a big elephant.

This story is now giving me a great reflection of the current situation where a big elephant is a Coronavirus(COVID-19) and we human being as an ant.
So the solution is hidden in our basics which we are already aware of.
So instead of creating a panic situation, be an ant having the clothes of strategy, patience, and keeping your mind calm, these will be the great weapons to fight and defeat the elephant without creating any hassle to your community.

But there is a slight twist in the current situation as we never get the same questions even in our exams whatever taught in the classes, so how we can accept to apply the same basic in our real life to fight with this big elephant?.
Yes but the concept and basics never go in vain.

This current situation is a kind of HOTS(High order thinking skills) questions in the question paper of life. So we all have to take the thinking cap of mind to defeat this epidemic, we all have to think like that ant who alone saved his entire troops. For us, our troop is humanity and to save humanity we all have to take Avtar of the ant.

So be an ant to save humanity and kill Corona.


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