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Photo of Galta Ji Kund


One place for all and it is Galta Ji temple.

Galtaji is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage about 10 km away from Jaipur, in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Since the early 15th century Galtaji has been a retreat for Hindu ascetics belonging to the Vaishnava Ramanuja sect.

So if you are in Jaipur and have a traveller within you, a curious mind and a free soul so it is your religion to visit this place. Yes, I added the word religion because “Religion is something that can be accepted”

So never relate this place to any specific religion as this place got his essence from the “Yoga”.

When I mentioned this so let me tell you about the relationship of this place with Yoga. It is said to have been in the occupation of yogis for a long time; Payohari Krishnadas, a Ramanujite sadhu, (i.e. a follower of the Ramanuja Sampradaya) came to Galta in the early 15th century and, by his yogic powers, drove away other yogis from the place. Galta was northern India’s first Vaishnava Ramanuja Peeth and became one of the most important centres of the Ramanuja sect.

So being the above attributes in our travelholic group we made a sudden plan to visit this place. We reached a point where some hilly slope of Aravalli hills started but we are so excited that our passion and excitement compel us to continue the slopy path with our two-wheeler vehicles but soon our excitement gives us alarm that this path is quite risky to carry on the bike because it was quite slippery and risk-taking.

So we rewind our basic few steps and enquired about the situation and there we enlightened that there are two ways to reach Galta Ji temple and this path is good for a trek this words made our faces smile and for our group, it was blessings in disguise as the weather was appealing to us for a walk with your friends on the lap beautiful Aravalli hills.

Galta Ji travel photo of us


So from here our trekking started and one short advise it is good to have caps, sports shoes, water bottle and if you are carrying something to feed the nearby monkey you should be confident enough to do so because monkeys are in large numbers. We walked hardly a few metres but the essence of this place started entering in our souls, the scenic view of Jaipur, cloudy weather and blowing breeze everything is at its peak of awesomeness.

But as we have some default rituals of photo session ceremony at this kind of place so it’s started, but seriously you have to capture this with your eyes, your camera and with your mind altogether.

We keep on walking as this place is not very modernized so there is no milestone or guide board so we keep walking on our own and after seeing some temple at a height we thought that it will be Galta Ji but as our journey of Galta Ji started with a flavour of surprises so it kept that rhythm going.

We reached a temple but not Galta Ji but a rare sun temple ..and believe me our friends felt mesmerized after the scenic view from that place.

Galta Ji travel pic

So after completing the task which is not in our list, we enquired about the main Galta Ji temple from the priest for further journey.

So we have taken a right turn for a sun temple and this is the only diversion in this trek to reach Galta Ji we have to keep going straight.

And I will suggest if the weather is cloudy and you think you are young enough so try the trekking route instead of directly reaching the main Galta Ji temple directly.

This trek will give you feel of excitement, curiosity and quality time with your friends.

As the path is slippery also so you will get enough chance to give a helping hand to your friends. Yes, I was lucky enough to help my friend on various occasions ..don’t focus on my friend 😄.

Travel pic to Galta ji

This path is completely surrounded by Aravali Hills and it’s beauty .when you visit this place in the cloudy weather then the scene becomes more beautiful and mesmerizing.

we captured all mesmerizing views in our eyes and couldn’t take photos of them because of the slippery path as  I had to focus on my friends well being.

But the time to end our curiosity and excitement now arrives as we reach the sacred place the main kund of Galta Ji. We have following beliefs about this kunds This ‘Galva Ashram’ is named after the famous Holy Saint Galva who made his penance for about 60,000 years in Satyuga and according to the ancient belief, he brought the sacred Gangaji to Shri Galtaji which comes out of the Gau-mukh (Cow’s mouth).

Pic of Galta Ji Kund


According to ‘Galvashram Mahatmaya’ on every full moon day of the Hindi month ‘Karthik’, Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shiva, the Trinity of Gods of Sanatan Dharma visit this holy place as the reason of which taking bath in the holy ponds provide divine blessings of God into multiple of trillions. Also, the holy pilgrimage to all the four Dhams and the Saptpuris is considered to be incomplete unless the pilgrim does not come to take the holy bath in the pond of Galava Ashram.


The most unique thing of this place is that as we are not aware of such beliefs but then also at that moment we felt the positivity all around, a sense of calmness in the sound of flowing water in multiple steps and making his place in every kund structured in the form steps one after the other. We touch the water as we cant bath like some other visitors are doing because we didn’t come prepared for this part.

This place is so serene and sacred that even monkeys who are always known for their notorious activities they are also behaving like well-trained yogis and they know how to grab there meal (bananas or whatever they are fed)distributed daily on a routine basis by some kind and helpful organization. We step forward from the stairs and reached the lowest point of waterfalls and the last kund where water make is the last stoppage in kund.

Galta Ji's Nature Beauty

This last point is so unique, completely surrounded by the beauty of Aravali hills it seems like we are in a lap of Aravali and he is holding his hand over us and yes this place is good for photoshoot also.

Those who are fond of arts and culture will also feel enough to capture by there eyes. The cuttings and structure of hills give you a different kind of goosebumps. So again our bunch of friends started proceeding further..there are many more temples with the unique roof structure and articrafts on them and surely it is worth to capture by eyes and by cameras.

Then further we found a vast garden there and that was completely surrounded by Aravali hills and this scene left me with nothing just “Awwwww”.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Galta Ji

  1. Have a water bottle because you won’t find drinking water there.
  2. Wear sports shoes as the path is not so even.
  3. Try to visit this place in cloudy weather because if you are visiting this place in summer then it will be too hot.
  4. Don’t dispose of any plastic or garbage at the sacred place.

So I motivate you as well as suggest you visit this place of multiple attributes in one class i.e at one place.

Your luggage of memories will be full if you visit this place and that will be the best feeling you will have.

Galta Ji

Explore once, you will love it

Be safe, Be happy, Be careful

Love your life to the fullest.


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