My Pic at Birla Temple

Temples are the place where you will get a bundle of things in one place. Joy, peace, a place of introspection, and if you believe in god in any form you will get a mentor to guide you in your life.

With the same thirst, I visited different temples of Jaipur like Birla Mandir, Govind Dev Ji temple, and Garh Ganesha.


Birla Mandir:

Photo of Birla Temple

A place in the mid of all the busy humans going somewhere towards their destinations.

It is a Hindu temple having various branches all over India, the one in Jaipur is built by B.M.Birla Foundation in 1988.

The most unique part of these temples is that it is made up of white marbles and consisting of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu.

A glimpse of the temple can be sighted from the road itself i.e.  J.L.N. Road. A big white structure appealing your eyes and soul to visit the temple and you can’t resist yourself from doing so if you are first time visitor.

After a certain walk, you will enter the world of white marble reflection of peace and calmness. Inside the main arena where the God statues are present consists of a spacious hall having a different gateway kind of windows and if you try to see the hall ceiling it will be mesmerizing.

The best time to visit the Birla temple is evening and having pleasant weather. The beautiful view of the sunset from the temple is a resemblance of great scenic beauty.

When the lights are on, this temple becomes more beautiful and amazing. This place is a great visit to have an experience of white structural beauty with the flavor of religion.

Sculpture of God

Apart from this, there is one shiv temple which only opens to the visitor on the occasion of Mahashivratri and the devotees come here in huge amount. The most amazing part about this temple is its height because at its lower part Birla Mandir is situated (as you can see in the above picture). Devotees make queues from 1 am in the midnight on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri.

After visiting this temple, you should visit Moti Dungri Ganesha temple which is on the right side of the Birla Temple. This temple has Ganesha Murti and this temple is one of the famous Lord Ganesha’s temples in Jaipur. Hindu people give the first marriage invitation card at this temple according to their belief.

Eatery – You must try the Pandit Pav Bhaji here which is the most famous Pav Bhaji of Jaipur and apart from that you can go to Raja Park which is the nearest area from this temple to enjoy Jaipur food.


Garh Ganesha:Pic of Garh Ganesha Temple

This temple is devoted to Lord Ganesha. Devotees believe that Ganesha is present in the temple in the form of a small child – Purushakriti. Ganesha is established in the statue of child Ganesha – Vigra Purushakriti (without trunk).

The temple was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II when he performed the “Ashwamegha Yagya” before the establishment of Jaipur. He made the shrine and placed the statue of Lord Ganesha.

For reaching that height you have to command your legs to have some work, before attaining calmness. Lord Ganesha will test your physical stability a bit. After all, to find a child in you and in Ganesha, you have to be a little bit childish.

way to Garh GaneshaDon’t forget to check the weather conditions before planning for this place because it is not covered with any kind of shades on the entire route. If you are enthusiastic enough then keep your body hydrated on the entire way.

It will hardly take 30-45 minutes to reach the top. Once you are at the top you will get your hard work repaid by getting the complete view of Jaipur(kind of aerial view without using drone camera)scenic beauty of Nahargarh and the iconic Jal Mahal resting in isolation between the Jal(water). In all, a free aerial view ticket on it’s your own.View from Garh Ganesha Temple

Prefer going in the morning or evening time to enjoy the calmness, peace, or want to give yourself time far away from city chaos.

When you return from the temple, you can visit the Gaitor ki Chhatariyan, at the bottom of the temple. This place is not so known but this is the most peaceful spot of Jaipur. This is a royal crematorium for the Regal Family. My pic at Gaitor ki chhatriyanThere are many cenotaphs in this complex. Your eyes will force you to behold the beautiful architecture which is carved on the tombs. It has a Lord Shiva Temple inside the 2nd complex of this place. This is a real gem of Jaipur beauty.


Pic of Sargasuli
Sargasuli, Jaipur

If you are visiting here in the morning then during returning time you can satisfy your taste buds with the Samrat Kachori which can be found at Chaura Rasta and in the evening time, you should not miss the Lal Ji’ Patashi which I really love personally and never miss any chance to enjoy them. This can be found in front of Sargasuli near Chaura Rasta.





Govind Dev Ji temple:

Sculpture of God in Govind devi ji Temple Jaipur

If you are visiting this historical city Jaipur then your Jaipur Darshan can’t be completed without having darshan of Govind Devi Ji Temple.

This temple is surrounded by City Palace, Jantar-Mantar & Hawa-Mahal. Basically Govind Dev Ji temple is situated in the City Palace complex which comes under the center of Jaipur City.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and it has an interesting story behind the Murti(Image) of Lord Krishna. It is said that the Murti was created by the great-grandson Bajranbh of Lord Krishna 5000 years back. He made three Murtis. First Murti had exact the same feet as Lord Krishna had, the second one had the same chest like Lord Krishna and the third one had an exact same face as Lord Krishna. This third one was brought by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Pink City from Vrindavan. This Murti can be seen from City Palace also.

Govind Dev Ji temple has very high spiritual energy and every time when you visit this temple, it fills you with positivity, peace, and trust in God. The temple has Aartis and Bhog seven times in a day.

The main time to visit this temple is either Holi or Janmashtmi festivals. These festivals are celebrated in the temple very enthusiastically and you will enjoy them surely.pic of Holi festival celebration at Govind Dev Ji temple

After visiting Govind Dev Ji, you can visit City Palace, Jantar-Mantar, and Hawa-Mahal which are on a walking distance from the temple.

Eatery – you can go to LMB (Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandar), the pride of Jaipur, which is in the Johari Bazaar, at the 13-minute walk from City Palace or you can take any E-Riksha from City Palace area for easiness.


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