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If you are in search of nature’s lap and your natural soul you must trek Hathni Kund.

A place full of serene beauty and lush green valleys, a feel of adventure amidst a busy and hectic life. In all a complete package of everything, a trekker looks for.

Hathni Kund is located 17 kilometers away from Jaipur and worth a visit.

But as we all know that even lord Gautama Buddha had to leave his luxurious life to achieve the peace of soul, in the similar passion you have to leave your bed early and even you have to motivate your bunch of mates to sacrifice their golden naps of morning time.

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This place is preferred to be visited in a group of at least 10 and maximum depends upon your leadership and motivational skills. We visited here with a bunch of around 50 people, luckily we have college mates.

The trek starts from the Charan Mandir and ends at the same place, so you can reach here as per your convenience. We gathered at the charan mandir spot, some of the friends have taken hockey stick and a baseball bat and said in Hindi (agar Bagheera mil gya to) means they have all these stuff to save themselves from one of the famous character BAGHEERA (A black panther) but on a lighter note you will only get a bunch of monkeys and birds in the sky with the serene view of Sand dunes, dense forests, temples, waterfalls and rest depends upon your natural camera having different vision and angles i.e your own eyes.

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So we started our trek and one thing more, prefer to visit this place in morning time around 4:30 a.m. approx in summer and around 5:30 a.m. in winter because you will save yourself from the heat and will get a bonus point in terms of sunrise with the extra toppings of complete  Jaipur view beneath you.

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During trek be cautious of thorns in the side by trees, you will encounter some unused well and at some point, you have to jump around a height of 6 to 7 feet and even you have to bow down on your knees to use a mountain skills to carry your journey on some unsettled, unstable and unpredictable rocks( small stones, unsettled rocks or partially stable rocks).

One advice from my side although no one follows my advice then also I will prefer to give: don’t be a stud or lone warrior because during the trek lots of spots will come that can’t be done alone you may need a helping hand, so it is suggested be together and help each other(might you have a lucky day that you get your lucky helping hand forever 😎).

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Yes, the last point will motivate more to be together and you might have experienced a flood of emotions…oh yes from flood one more thing to take care of, you all must have sufficient drinking water so that you keep yourself hydrated and energetic and don’t do a mistake of wearing sleepers as some of the folks did in our group.

So after passing all the hurdles, you all are excited to know what you will get at the end …As the name suggests Hathni kund something big like elephant and kund suggests some kind of storage…So after all the efforts, you will get a view of deep Kund and it is a thrilling experience if you stand on the edges of the kund, yes I tried and ran away with the double speed of thrill what I experienced.

You can chill, relax take photographs, selfie and also visit a small temple just aside the kund.

And after you get satisfaction from all your actions you have to repeat the same path to come back but with a bag full of memories and cameras full of some blurred, some teasing weapons kind of photos which you can use later against your friends.

So it’s a great and adventurous place to visit full of excitement and little challenges. Must visit and enjoy the beauty of Jaipur.

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