this pic is mine at Sisodia Rani ka Bagh

We human beings always have the utmost desire to attain calmness and peace in whatever condition, age, or environment we are. So following the trend I with my friends decided to visit a place that can be filled with adventure, excitement, fun time with friends, and after gaining such assets a complete feeling of calmness, peace, and introspection at the top of the mountain peak.

So its time to calm down your excitement about the place and reveal that secret place. It is all about the visit to the religious culture of Jaipur i.e. Chulgiri Jain temple surmounted on the Aravalli hills of Jaipur- Agra road. As we said we must have a hawk-eye vision to reach this place because you will never get a glimpse of your desired destination point until you really reached the end of the mountain peak.


Chulgiri temple viewWe made a sudden plan to have some excitement with the combination of calmness at the end as we know Jain temples are known for this. There is two way to reach this destination one is by road and the other is by stairs, it’s up to you to decide which way you want to opt for. If you go by roads you will enjoy the scenic view of Aravali hills from the top and some beautiful view of Jaipur from the top.Chulgiri Jain Temple View

So we decided to go through stairs as we will get enough quality time to spend together with friends and obviously more chances to halt and take pictures which is the most prioritized part of any tour. So we parked our vehicle at a shop and there are no parking facilities available but you will get enough place to park and hopefully, we consider that place safe and in last yes it was safe in our case.

We started our journey by purchasing enough stuff to track down the stairs. We purchased some chips biscuits and most importantly enough water bottles. As we are in search of initial stairs we encountered a Moksha Dwar (heaven door)in our way and then there were round of jokes on each other to reach moksha dwar. But we sarcasmly said that we are not pure enough to deserve this door so we should continue towards chulgiri Jain temple because its time to attain calmness and peace not Rest in peace. (that way our journey started in the real sense).πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

We started chasing downstairs and literally the view slowly and slowly becoming more beautiful as we are stepping towards the peak. We must consider the weather conditions also because this visit is much suitable in winter or cloudy conditions. This route is mostly opted by youngsters and a group of friends. You can decide your own resting points wherever possible.This image is used for the blog which is mine and it describe the blog's paragraph

At some point, we thought these stairs will never come to end and we are now doubtful that really any temple exists at the top or not because there is no sign of existence not a single glimpse of its existence. But we gathered our courage and started again and it was like a magical feeling of the arrival of a great structure in front of from nowhere of your expectations. Yes, we never imagined that we will be witnessing such a master of civil engineering and dedicated workers to make it possible at such a height of Aravali hills.The stairs of Chulgiri temple

So some historical data about Chulgiri Jain Temple –Β  In the year 1953 is entitled as the origination of the Jain temple on the hills of Aravalli. Jain Acharya Shri Desh Bhoosan Ji Maharaj chose the Aravalli hills for building the Jain temple and named the hills as ‘Chulgiri’. The amazement of the temple showed up in the year 1966 with 7 feet high statue of white stone of Lord Parshvnath which created a history in the pages of the state of Rajasthan.The sculpture of Jain god

During the Panch Kalyanak festival which was organized in May 1982, a Marvellous statue of Lord Mahaveer Swami was founded with a height of 21 feet in the huge area of 75 by 65 feet. Along with status, a 65 feet long dome was developed to cover the statue. The rooftop of the Chulgiri Jain temple in Jaipur is embraced by the huge Jain Yantra of four feet embossed on a copper plate of 40 kg. The Jain Yantra comprises of the six thousand 5 hundred sixty-one columns, vowels, consonants, mantras, Swastik symbols followed by some other holy symbols. Chulgiri is also known as most Pinkcity Adventurous place. Every year in the month of May a major event (festival) is organized over here. So we entered this temple and before entering inside the Main area we have to handover our bags, wallet, and even your belt in the provided locker and girls have to cover their heads by Dupatta or any coverable clothes.

So before visiting check your pants that can survive without belts also if you want to enjoy freely and feel the serenity and calmness of this extraordinary temple.😎😎😎😎😎.

The returning path is the same and we covered it much faster because the path more traveled are more known to your mind and footsteps. After completing this chulgiri ki pahadi we had some refreshments and we decided to visit Sisodia rani ka bagh which was almost around 2 km from the spot.


Pic of Sisodia Rani ka Bagh

Sisodia was the Udaipur princess who married Jaipur King, Sawai Jai Singh. The Sisodia Rani ka Bagh is a royal garden. The garden is famous for its flora wealth, natural attractions, and for relaxation. This garden holds beautiful water fountains, this pic describes uspavilions, flowerbeds, galleries, murals, water channels, and much more. So we spent some relaxing moments here and captured the beauty of flora and fauna of this garden. So after this place, our hawk (within us) landed on the ground and we completed this tour full of calmness inside us.

Explore once, you will love it

Be safe, Be happy, Be careful

Live your life to the fullest.


This pic is of my friends and mine


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