When some great things happen we never think of any artificial background cultivated by human beings like caste, religion, culture even not their country. We only appreciate the achievements and clap for that.
But what happened today is not an achievement, neither an accomplishment of any great deal, still people all around the world are appreciating the work and dedication of someone.
The entire world is shedding tears, expressing there gratitude, love, affection, and the bond they have to build with that amazing personality full of charisma and a person standing at the zenith.
There was not even a single thought of what religion, caste, and country that person belongs to which prooved once again humanity is the best religion and your karma will decide the sweetness of your own fruits.
Yes sadly we lost a gem of our Bollywood Industry

We will never see our hero again in real life because our versatile actor Sir Irfan khan is no more, he decided to pack up from this world and never resume again.
We will pray that his soul rests in peace.
He will always remain in our hearts and keep entertaining us in the coming days also.
We will end our note by one of his dialogue in Piku so that we can have mix emotions:
“Death aur Shit, ye do cheeze kisi ko bhi, kahin bhi, kbhi bhi aa sakti hain”
So it was never about religion it was always and will be for humanity.


some famous dialogues of Sir Irfan :

“I suppose, in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go”

“Aadmi ka Sapna toot jata h hai na, to aadmi khatam ho jata hai”



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