a word to god



Once I thought to leave everyone in this mortal world and decided to move towards the immortal world. According to belief and saying, the immortal world is God’s home so my destination was to reach almighty’s place.
I started planning my journey towards God and found myself in amazing condition that is to visit God’s home you need to obtain a death certificate.
But I was determined to visit the immortal world (God’s place), so I started it.
As I started, I experienced one more unique thing that this is my first journey where I didn’t require any money, any bags any items nothing that I required was just determination and courage.
So I started throwing my things, now this was the turn of throwing my wallet…. I was about to throw it also but something stopped me from doing it, I was still and stroked with a tsunami of thoughts.
I started thinking like a fish in an ocean trying to push a boat (anonymous condition)
You all must be thinking about the reason what made me indulge in a suddenly changed condition and the thing was the parent’s pic in my wallet.
The only God present in this mortal world, more than God because this God doesn’t require any death certificate even,
No money, no luxurious thing require to meet them and one thing more God might be busy, or so much busy that even he will not meet me when I reach there…..
But there are no such conditions with God in this mortal world.
So, at last, I completed my journey without having a death certificate and my God gave me lots of blessings, love and time.
After this journey, I never thought to visit the immortal God because my God is always with me in this mortal world and they will remain with me always.

So please make your journey towards God in this mortal world if you ever think of leaving this mortal world.


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