Pic of Sushant Singh Rajput
Bollywood actor Sushant Rajput committed suicide at bandra flat .

After listening to the heartbreaking news about the demise of kind soul Sushant Singh Rajput the reaction of every person is the same i.e. the way he left us and decided to leave this earth, suddenly our eyes filled with tear.
This incident not only causes our eyes to shed tears but bombarded our hearts and mind with lots of questions and the first one was WHY?

Why the person who is full of joy, happiness, charm, and having all the luxury in life did this? Why? why? why?

He was a favorite of millions of souls and idol for most of the youngsters. A versatile actor with good looks and humble nature. He achieved a lot at such an early stage. A number of blockbuster films and serials like Pavitra Rishta, Kai Po Che, M.S.Dhoni, and many more In his bucket.

From an ordinary vision, no one can ever imagine in dreams that this person is going to take such a drastic step of bid adieu to all of us.
But the main concern is why? is we human beings are really becoming puppets of wants? And in achieving that wants we indulge our selves so much that we forgot to realize that the thread from which we are tied and able to perform the puppet show of life on this platform of the earth is slowly and slowly tightening our own neck and in the pressure of keep performing to achieve the wants we forgot that need of situation is to take care of that thread otherwise it will end your precious life not only your puppet show.

humans are committing suicide like puppets

The above puppet show is a symbolic representation of our thinking which is forcing us to go in the well of depression, anxiety, and overthinking.
The thread is our mindset to distinguish between the need and want of our own precious life. It is up to us to analyze the situation and react positively so that our own thread can give us the strength to keep performing on this earth not that the same thread tie our neck to finish our life.
But unfortunately, our reel life messenger of this thought that life is precious in one of his movies CHICHORE didn’t able to adapt it in real life.

Again and again, we are encountering such incidents and nowadays it is becoming another so-called manmade natural death.
Yes, a manmade natural death and the process is to put yourself in immense pressure, never-ending dreams of expectations though you already achieved a lot as per your needs not want.

We itself forcing us to think like that I am not doing well I have to do a lot and in that process, we forgot to feel our emotions and heart.
You know what causes this death(suicide), Pretending to everyone that you are happy, strong, and doing great ….oh dear why you forget that you are human first? , do you ever imagined why you cried when you are born? Because sometimes sharing tears and your worries to your loved ones give you strength, a new beginning, and a new dawn of success.
A success that satisfies your inner soul not your dire wants and desires and this success makes you beautiful from heart, mind, and soul.

So just a request to the society and every precious human being on this earth if you ever feel depressed, sad and lonely please shed your tears on someone shoulder instead of finding the same shoulder after you left this world and not able to feel the pain of that person who is standing there to support you even before you opted to depart.

Cry and share failure but don’t depart by natural manmade death.
Hey you humble soul, why you didn’t try this…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

May your soul Rest In Peace #Sushant Singh Rajput an untold story.



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