When we usually go for a trip or for sort plan in normal days we never realized that it is so important, so powerful, and an invisible therapy to our mindset.
We never thought we have already enrolled ourselves with a spiritual power of traveling benefits.

As the importance of anything is known only when we start missing the presence of that in our life.
The same happened to us not only to us but the entire human being is now realizing the importance of roaming somewhere independently.
Even our homemaker mother, who usually involved in making home the precious place now she wants to enjoy the outer environment.
Earlier when we travel we did it for fun, excitement, and for adventure. Amidst of all these factors, one factor Which we never noticed and it was silently supporting our happiness.
The factor was the atmosphere, not the environmental one but the atmosphere created in our own mind, our own sphere, and in all the folks traveling together in some way.
This pandemic situation makes us realized that traveling is not only restricted to just booking a ticket and accomplishing the task but it has lots of attributes that make it a complete package.
The most important one is the atmosphere. The atmosphere of bounded thoughts, fear in mind, and a restricted watchman in our own body who is stopping us even to interact with others.
For most of the folks, the fun in traveling is to interact with the unknown and gather some new vision, learn new prospects and new paths to live or accomplish the task, but this COVID -19 situation is minimizing every small thing which binds together to make traveling an imaginary power to heal our body and attain peace of mind.
After the unlock phase things started, transport started even the traveler in us also got excited. We thought now everything is going to be normal because what else a travelholic needed if he or she is free to travel.
So we decided to normalize and thought we will get back the invisible healing therapy of traveling but as soon as we started our traveling the things are not the same.
We are not feeling the same, we were not free in the same passion as we were earlier, even though everything was the same as it was earlier but the atmosphere and the small tiny factors diminishing the fun.

So the thing is that traveling is not just restricted going to places, this therapy and its power is an integrated version of various human and natural attributes, mind, and a free soul.
Just a small experience of changed circumstances and how it is impacting us invisibly to our core.
Just pray to God that we get back to our normal because this new normal is reducing the healing power of our best and trusted method to attain peace and serenity i.e Travel as we believe in travel more and explore more!

Explore once, you will love it

Be safe, Be happy, Be careful

Live your life to the fullest


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