My pic at Amer Fort

These thoughts are crumbling in my mind during the lockdown period because I am remembering my good old days’ memory lane of a travel diary.

It was about my visit to the Regal Amer Fort in Jaipur, this visit was not purposely for Amer fort but it was about one of the tunnel newly functional to connect another beautiful place. The excitement was because as usual there was already a roadway to reach the other connecting place enjoying the serene beauty during the journey but a tunnel to reach the same place was another level of human creation.

My Pic of Amer

As per saying and ritual to protect the royal families, there is always a secret escape way and for the same reasons, this tunnel was made for escaping the royal family when any enemy attacks at Amer but with God’s grace, this situation never occurred in past.

Let me go through some glimpse of tunnel history as
One of the parts of this tunnel was opened in 2012 for the tourist which links this Regal palace to another Royal palace (JAIGARH Fort).

There are many more tunnels but might be due to maintenance or some safety reasons they are not opened for tourists. It is said that these paths take you to some major parts of the fort like – Deewan-a-aam. It will be more exciting to visit these tunnels and explore more once in the future they will open for tourists.

As being an Indian child we all have an image and perception of most of the things through the stories told to us in childhood or any movies we usually see.
So my perception of this tunnel word usually has an image of treasure trove. when I entered this tunnel my childhood perception started imprinting the same image in my mind.

So I started my journey of the tunnel with excitement, curiosity, and enthusiasm. It all started with stairs ideally to takes us some deeper section of the ground and then to make it easy and comfortable there were ramps.

My Photo of Amer Fort Tunnel

Again my childhood impression and curiosity took me in the past and compelled me to think about the feelings of those families which might use these paths for their safety, obviously, there would be a feeling of fear, anxiety, and willingness to be at a safe house.

As of now this place being converted into tourists spot so the lighting and all basics things are modernized but for sure in earlier days Guards and royal family generally used Mashaals for the light in these tunnels.

So after these thoughts, I came back to reality and started moving ahead, during this the tunnel took me in an open area with roofless large walls which blocks all the view of surroundings; anything you can see here is endless sky.

The sky is suggesting a message in an indirect manner and saying “You are safe my dear! because here only I can protect and guide to your destination.

The further path takes you to the Ganesh Pol where Golf Carts are ready to take you to the Jaigarh Fort as these facilities are available so that if you’re not feeling well to continue walking so you can opt for that but being an enthusiastic child and eager to feel every step of this journey I decided to continue the journey of my 11 number vehicle i.e my own strong legs.

Continuing my journey I could see the magnificent view of old Jaipur and Aravali hills. This tunnel’s length is 1.4 km and trust me guys you won’t regret during this tour because you will feel the pure essence of Royal Family. Its strong walls tell you the story of the strength, safety, and toughness of this fort and how it protected the Royal family in the tough conditions during the ancient era. It’s damp walls and huge stones kept the entire fort safe & strong till today but as humans and royalty are mortal so they are not here to feel the same safety but still these walls and aura are reciting the anecdotes of the ancient time.

Royalty and situations are unstable and unpredictable parts of reality. The same situation is showing me the mirror of the past and the present.

I don’t think that any single member of the royal family ever dreamt of the situation that the place where they used to walk with pride and honor the same place will be a cakewalk for the normal public on just a mere cost of tickets.

So as the current situation of lockdown also realizing the same pain that the royal family members might have felt if they were here to see the cakewalk of normal people in their prestigious arena.

In Jaipur (Pink City) there is some other tunnel also and one of such tunnel is in the city palace which takes you to the Nahargarh Fort but this tunnel is not known as it is not open for tourists.

Hope we will get good news soon so that we get a chance in the future to travel and explore this tunnel also

scenic view of Aravali hills from Jaigarh Fort

So leaving you with the thought of instability and unpredictability of life.

So this was my goosebump kinda story😉, what’s yours??

Explore once, you will love it

Be safe, Be happy, Be careful

Live your life to the fullest.

My Pic at Amer Fort Tunnel


  1. Very well articulated. I was searching for hathi kund trek and encountered this site. Read almost all the write ups. Very thoughtful, well researched and interesting enough to glued till the last word. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the appreciation and spending your precious time on our website.
      It gives us immense motivation and spirit to keep up this good work.
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