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Stability a myth, happiness is truth
Not just a statement, not just a thought, it is some kind of creature who can change his appearance but it will be in everyone’s mind in some form.
As his appearance is not certain in the same manner his essence is always different from others.
Everyone had his window to have a sight of “Stability a myth, happiness is truth(@creature)”
These thoughts are prevailing in my mind and I am in pure dialematic condition to decide about the creature ( an ambiguous creature)” stability is myth and happiness is truth ”
Sometimes we accelerate our journey towards stability and during that acceleration, we forgot to make a rhythmic synchronization with happiness. This influences me to think that stability and happiness are two different wheels of the same vehicle.
In the vehicle of life, we must have a synchronized and rhythmic set of wheels ( stability and happiness)to reach our destination of a beautiful life and for that, we need to take care of CREATURE.
Diving deep into these two wheels. I got submerged into various sub-particles of life like sorrow, pain, depression, anxiety, fear and on the contrary happiness, love, free soul, full of positivity, and many more because it is impossible for me to analyze the particles of the ocean(life) in a single go.
But one thing I can say that we have to stabilize the balancing factors through which we can gain happiness.
Today we are not able to choose the balance and unable to answer how to synch our life between stability and happiness.
It is like where we need two simple wheels to get the desired results but we are running our life towards the achievements of four-wheeler in busy traffic.
In our back of mind, we have a mindset like this
“Having a car is stability but in busy traffic, real happiness is to have a bike in that current situation”
So this mindset is the reflection of the creature and we have to decide.
If I relate this to the current situation the migration of workers from different states is the real reflection of “Stability a myth, Happiness is truth”.

The various questions of clouds started showering over me. Questions like why they were there? why they were returning now? what compelled them first to go from there hometown and now what compelling to return?.
I am writing this note only on the psychological skeleton.
All these situations are indicating two factors.
They left their beloved family and hometown to attain stability and in that race, they forgot to keep the balance between another wheel i.e happiness.

This is not all about migrants but it is a story of every individual in this era.
We have to think now about the process, way, and ideas on how to synch the balance between two important wheels of life.

So I am ending my note on you to decide whether “stability is a myth and happiness is truth”?

It will be a privilege to know your thoughts and ways about the above-mentioned question.
So share your thoughts in the comment section.


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