Pic of World Tourism Day

A weird headline to start a travel blog with the word hostages because the combination of word travel with hostage is creating a sense of fear and anxiety button to stop your cravings of traveling menu.

As most of the hostage incident takes place during traveling so I thought to represent a different world of hostages in the sudden change of situation due to COVID 19 packages with an attractive bonus of quarantine, isolation, social distancing and most difficult is to be in no interaction zone.

But do you ever imagined that the current situation will make all the travelholic personality as a hostage?
No, no one never imagined that.
The situation of travelers is just the opposite, they themselves tieing their thoughts, imagination, and aspirations to travel the world and acting themselves as a kidnaper of their own willingness.

The most exciting factor of traveling which we as a traveler cherish is to interact with new thoughts, ideas, and new vision to add some extra badges of knowledge to our shoulder but unfortunately, the current situation is making us stay away from these gems of traveling.
We, travelers, are adopting the new normal slowly and slowly. We are finding new ways to improvise our experience and trying our best to run ourselves internally from the hosting condition.

It will take time to remove the fear because as we know once you are kidnapped by any way either by thoughts or by physical way the scars are always there.
We have to join hands together ( hands should be sanitized properly: a new way of awareness) again as a traveler and pledge to adopt the new normal and fight back with the scars given by the COVID 19 to free us from travel hostaging.

So on the account of World Tourism Day, a new normal has entered everywhere and we travelers are the new hostages of this but we pledge to enjoy our life to the fullest amidst of any challenges comes in our way.

Wish you a very happy World Tourism day to all the travelholics !!!


Explore once, you will love it

Be safe, Be happy, Be careful

Live your life to the fullest.




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