virtual cage around humans .
We are not going to talk about any technology or about any music or rock band, but this virtual cage is something different.
As the word, virtual suggests something not really exist physically and the cage is kind of restrictions, So surely you all tried your best to know about it.
So let’s approach further :
This virtual cage is what we are carrying in our mind and thoughts from the day we started thinking. We all have some special ability, but the thing which stops us to do is kind of barrier we created in our own mind, as we all know the first guide to suggest you for doing something or not is your own mind.
Let’s take this virtual cage in some reality :
An ant is freely moving without any hesitation or break but as we draw a small circle (whether from the water drops or by using your hands), the ant suddenly stops and start showing kind of stuck expression, but this doesn’t happen with every ant some bravely crosses that circle.
So what the circle signifies here is a kind of virtual cage.
So we have to aware of this situation whether we are genuinely in kind of problem or it is only a kind of virtual cage.
From my point of view, we can break or avoid this virtual cage by a sense of positivity and having an optimistic approach.
In the end, I can surely say that after reading this you all are thinking of the situation where you trapped yourself in a circle(virtual cage) like an ant.
So be ready to break the shackles of the virtual cage in future


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